"I knew we deserved better so I pulled out my sewing machine and got to work."

Silky Wraps is the brainchild of Designer Roxy Bowden.  

While on the quest to finding the secrets to growing longer healthier hair, I learned that most hair breakage happened while we sleep.  Having failed miserably at keeping scarves and bonnets on at night, I set out to find a permanent solution.  The products on the market, while ok, were far from meeting the standards I knew were possible as a designer.  I immediately began sourcing the best quality fabrics and tweak designs to fit the needs of  modern women like myself.

In 2011, I began selling SilkyWraps to salons and hair professionals, who strongly recommended our products to their clients. Since then we've been providing premium quality hair maintenance products for women and children internationally. Our customers return because they trust what we deliver, and how we treat them. Most of our customers and salons come to us by the recommendation of our  loyal customers.  Like we've done since 2011, we would love to help you with your hair goals and make you a SilkyWraps believer!